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Our History

On January 1, 1952, Epsilon Rho Lambda Chapter was chartered in Fayetteville, NC under General President Maceo Smith and General Secretary, Bennie D. Brown, Sr. as Key #227. The original establishment date is unknown. The charter was misplaced and the National Headquarters was not able to locate a copy of the charter at the time because of a flood at the national archives destroying hundreds of documents. A replacement charter was issued by the National headquarters in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The following brothers are listed as founders: Thomas Bacote, Dr. James Nelson Bugg, Father Johnson, Rev. Robert A. Massey, Sr., Dr. Edgar Allen Toppin, Sr., Dr. Clarence Harris Thomas, and Daniel  A. Williams. 



















Epsilon Rho Lambda, 2nd Annual Vesper Services” program,  May 10, 1953, in the New Auditorium, Fayetteville State Teachers College.

(Photo credit - Fayetteville State University Archives)


According to Fayetteville State University historical documents, the following 20 brothers were in the chapter:  President, William Edward Murphy; Vice-President, Rudolph Jones; Recording Secretary, E.W. Nichols; Corresponding Secretary, Daniel A. Williams; Treasurer, Darius Johnson; Editor to the Sphinx. Thomas E. Boykin; and Chaplain, William McNeill.  Thirteen other members of the chapter listed on the 2nd Annual Vesper Services” program include:  J. H. Douglas, Lieutenant Beny J. Primm, E.L. Peterson, George H. Young, Attorney Harry E. Groves, Dr. C. I. Smith, Dr. David P. Allen, Dr. Melvin L. Taliaferro, Lieutenant  Grady A. Culpepper, Lieutenant Otha N. Brown, Jr., Lieutenant George Hughes, Lieutenant James M. Garrison, and Lieutenant Cecil A. Blye.                                        


Of the twenty brothers listed, many of them were present as chapter founders from the previous charter year of 1952. Additionally, the integration of academic, professional and military brothers was present from the onset. Based on current research, the following brothers listed on the replacement charter were original charter members: James Bugg, Father (Darius) Johnson, Daniel A. Williams, and Rudolph Jones.  Brothers Thomas Bacote, Dr. Edgar Allen Toppin, Sr. and Clarence Harris Thomas were not in Fayetteville in 1952.

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